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Night Vision & Thermal Systems

North East Technologies Ltd. offers a wide range of night vision and thermal solutions for observation, weapon sights and Clip On devices which are considered to be second to none in the industry.

Among the product lines you may find the following systems:

  • UNS-LR A2 / PVS 30 – Universal Night Sight Long Rang Clip On Weapon Sight
  • UNS-LR A2\A3 - Clip On Weapon Sight for sharpshooters
  • UNS-Ti - Universal Night Sight – Thermal Individual Clip On Weapon Sight
  • UNS-Ts - Universal Night Sight – Thermal Sniper Clip On Weapon Sight
  • UNS-TsM - Universal Night Sight – Thermal Sniper Motorized Electric Focus Clip On Weapon Sight
  • mini-thermal imager
  • Night Vision Monocular
  • Night Vision Binoculars
  • Night vision Goggles