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Gun Mounts


North East Technologies Ltd. offers a variety of gun mounts, swing arms, seated systems, and other platform enhancements supporting any mission requirement for Air, Land or Sea operations. NET's mounting systems solutions facilitate lethality and control to a wide range of crew-served weapons from small and heavy machine guns up to medium caliber cannons.

Among the mounting solutions presently supported by NET you may find:

  • The VIPER family of gun mounts
  • Gun, seated and swing arms mounts for Medium and Heavy Lift Helicopters (AW139™, H-60™ B412™ AB212™ MI-17™ EC532™)
  • Gun mounts for various Ground and Tactical Vehicles
  • Gun mounts for various patrol Boats
  • Gun mounts for VIP Security Vehicles

The above mounts supported the following weapon platforms:

  • M240, M2, M3, MK-19, GAU – 19A/19B and the M230LF 30mm cannon