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Ammunition and links Chutes


North East Technologies Ltd is a premier global provider of high performance ammunition chutes & delivery systems for small and medium caliber weapons systems produced by Nobles Worldwide the largest supplier of ammunition feeding systems to all branches of the U.S. military and its allies. Nobles is globally recognized for the superior durability of its products, cutting-edge designs and rigorous quality assurance.

Nobles’ proprietary technology, utilizing composite materials and advanced ammunition profiling and guidance, is what makes their chutes the gold standard for ammunition delivery systems. Noble's carbon fiber composite frames are lighter weight, more flexible and more durable than those of any other flex chute currently on the market.

In order to customize full system solutions, for small caliber weapon stations and medium caliber turrets, we offer the following delivery systems:

  • Flexible and rigid ammunition feed chutes
  • Flexible and rigid link eject chutes
  • Ammunition storage magazines
  • Ammunition Chutes
  • Gun Mounts
  • Engineered Weapon Solutions (EWS) support